Tips for growing out short hair

How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut

Shoulder length bobs are one of the biggest hair trends of this year. So how do you grow out a pixie cut without entering the awkward teenage years of hair length? It’s a long journey, but if done right, you can look stylish the whole way through. Regular Trims It sounds contradictory, but regular trims will help…

5 Minute Hairstyles Tutorial

Our Favorite 5 Minute Hairstyles

What can you do with your hair when you don’t feel like doing anything with your hair? If you’re like most women, you feel great when your hair looks good. But, getting it to look that way feels like it either requires two hours of tedious labor, or making a pricey salon appointment. No more!…

how to get healthy hair

5 Steps To The Best Hair Of Your Life

Nothing is more beautiful than healthy, shiny, smooth and silky hair – but you may think that requires either incredible genetics, or incredible wealth, to achieve. It doesn’t! Just like with the rest of your body, you just need to give your hair what it needs to look its best from the inside-out, and the outside-in. Follow these five steps and you’ll have the best hair of your life!

Winter Hair Care Tips

In Florida, the weather is unpredictable year-round. This is especially true in the winter when it can be 80 degrees and sunny one day, and down in the thirties the next. For some women, those cold days (when they do come) bring dry scalps and dry brittle hair. Here are some winter hair care tips…